Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kids Can't Wait: An Amazing Endeavor

Many students across the nation pass out high school, however, not having the necessary skills they need to do their college program or to get a suitable job. Unfortunately, they do not possess even the skill of a 6th grader when they appear for their job screening test. Many teachers and administrators are consistently working on finding out the underlying causes of this issue and discover that English and Math are the primary measurable goals that provide the students the foundation of success. is an amazing endeavor in progress that helps high school students to become graduated with their own talents and skills. This is a campaign for the class of 2008. Ideally the diversified group of people including school leaders, parents, teachers, administrators, business people and government will act together to find out the solution and develop the plan to properly utilize the resources available for the targeted group of students who need them the most.

At, Kids Can't Wait Campaign offers an additional academic support program to the high school students for the class of 2008 and beyond. It provides the support to all the students across the nation to get the access to an effective and valuable additional academic support for English and Math as they need them the most.