Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abductive Reasoning and Analogical Reasoning

There are different types of reasoning. Depending on one's own cognitive ability, an apparent individual difference is observed in this domain. In this post, we will discuss about two different types of reasoning – abductive and analogical, which will be followed by other types of reasoning in next posts. Here we go.

Abductive Reasoning

It is also referred to as inference. It affirms that the hypothesis can be best explained with the help of the relevant and evident example. For example, the object or event X is under observation. If Y is true, then X is true, which implies Y might be true.

Analogical Reasoning

The easiest form of abductive reasoning is referred to as analogical reasoning. It implies that if two or more objects or events are somewhat similar in some context, they might be similar in some other contexts too. For example, A and B are similar. If X belongs to A and Y belongs to B, then X and Y are also somewhat similar.

Now the time comes to talk about the answers of the last post.

1. c) I and II only; 2. b) 156; 3. d) all the given reasons taken together will explain the given assertion fully; 4. d) Assertion and reasoning both are wrong to some extent because drug addiction is a psycho-socio problem and a joint responsibility of parents, teachers, society and the nation; 5. a) reasoning explains assertion fully; 6. b) the given cause is only one of many such causes to bring about given effect; 7. c) 3 follows due to 2 and 2 follows due to 1; 8. b) hen; 9. b) brown; 10. c) gold

Have you checked yours already? If yes, let us now start with today's set of questions. Here they are.

Today's (17th September, 2008) Questions

1. Mark the item that does not belong to the group

a) aluminum
b) copper
c) brass
d) silver

2. If HIPLM is code fro Delhi, QUHVEW is code for

a) Mumbai
b) Nagpur
c) Kanpur
d) Chennai

3. If QUNEDRRNQ is code for PROFESSOR, DMSDQDC is code for

a) entered
b) arrive
c) slipped
d) returns

4. In defense organizations, SYSTEM is written as SYSTEM and NEARER is written as AENRER. How will FRACTION be written?

a) acrftion
b) noitcarf
c) carfnoit
d) toincarf

5. In a certain code, BAD is written as XZW, SAID is written as HZRW. LOVE will be written as


6. Relate the following codes to relevant situations.
May Day

a) happy day
b) pleasure times
c) distress signal
d) new year

7. Relate the following codes to relevant situations.
Thumbs up

a) victory sign
b) all clear sign
c) pleasure sign
d) welcome sign

8. Relate the following codes to relevant situations.

Dot Dash Dash

a) Newton’s law
b) Distress signal
c) Morse code
d) Railway signal

9. Relate the following codes to relevant situations.


a) low of gravitation
b) welcome sign
c) distress signal
d) victory sign

10. Relate the following codes to relevant situations.


a) lost of found
b) I have found it
c) Welcome sign
d) Hidden treasure

Now, it's time to comment. I am really bit down to not to see any comment in my comment box. Please, please and please post some comments to give this blog a lively feel. Well, no more today, as I am taking off now. See you again on 21st September, 2008.