Sunday, September 14, 2008

Multiple Intelligence: What Does that Mean?

As proposed by Dr. Howard Gardener in 1983, intelligence is constituted with 8 different factors. They are:

• Linguistic Intelligence

• Logical Mathematical Intelligence

• Spatial Intelligence

• Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

• Musical Intelligence

• Interpersonal Intelligence

• Intrapersonal Intelligence

• Naturalist Intelligence

So, according to Gardener, we should not take only a single factor under consideration. Many of us have multitude of talents. Sometimes it may be possible that a boy may not be very sharp in his academics, but that does not necessarily means that he is dumb or stupid. It may be quite possible that he is having musical intelligence, if you find him extremely melodious and he loves music from the true core of his heart. So just don’t hurt your child and prove yourself stupid enough to not become able to understand his / her intelligence type.

Now it's time to get back to the result of the last published post. Before I get into the result, I must say apology to my readers for not being able to appear on time. It is due to my mother's operation for gall-bladder stone and I had to stay there almost all the time. Now she is quite OK with her health. Well, now here is the result of the previous post.

1. (c)
Friday; 2. (c) 12km; 3. (b) 110; 4. (d) 130; 5. (a) 0; 6. (c) 23; 7. (b) 1/3; 8. (d) 49; (9) (c) 64X; 10. (c) 6

Now, the time comes for today's post. Here we go.

Today's (14 September, 2008) Questions

1. If N is an integer multiple of 5, which of the following integers must also be integer multiples of 5:

I. N + 15 II. 7N III. N/5

a) I only
b) II only
c) I and II only
d) I, II, III

2. A clock strikes once at 1 o’ clock, twice at 2 o’ clock, thrice at 3 o’ clock and so on. How many times will it strike in 24 hours?

a) 144
b) 156
c) 288
d) 300

3. Assertion
The relationship between the teacher and the taught is not the same any more as it used to be till about thirty years ago.


i. People are far more self-centred now a days
ii. The life-style these days is of unconcern and insincerity.
iii. Most people now-a-days have too many multiple roles and find it hard to cope with them.

Which of the above reasons fully explain the given assertion?
a) 1st reason explains assertion fully
b) 2nd reason explains assertion fully
c) 3rd reason explains assertion fully
d) all the given reasons taken together will explain the given assertion fully

4. Assertion

Tackling the problem of drug addiction is the parent’s headache only and it should remain so.


The problem of drug addiction begins because teachers now- a – days shove away most of the responsibilities on the parents including outsized homeworks as well as the child’s personal problems.

Explain the relationship between assertion and reasoning from the point of view of explaining the problem of drug addiction more completely

a) no relationship exists.
b) drug addiction is a problem for teachers only
c) drug addiction is a problem for the Government only
d) Assertion and reasoning both are wrong to some extent because drug addiction is a psycho-socio problem and a joint responsibility of parents, teachers, society and the nation.

5. Assertion

The younger generation is reverting to cherishing some of the ancient cultural values such as ‘Live and Let Live’. Care for humanity at large’ and Belief in world brotherhood?


The younger generation has witnessed so much friction, violence and war that it has learnt to have the firm belief that future security can be achieved only by sharing and not by snatching.

a) reasoning explains assertion fully
b) reasoning explains assertion only fractionally
c) reasoning does not explain assertion at all
d) assertion and reasoning both are a lot of nonsense and are totally false.

6. Judge the extent of cause and effect relationship in the following statements.


Uncertain relationship exists these days more than ever between a student’s performance in examinations and the following academic results.


A greater number of hard-working students are feeling disheartened these days more than ever before.

a) there exists a one-to-one relationship between given cause and effect
b) the given cause is only one of many such causes to bring about given effect
c) the given cause and effect exist independently of each other
d) both statements of cause and effect are a lot of nonsense as such things do not exit at all

7. Given the premises that

i) A compassionate teacher felt concerned, gave personal attention and offered effective counseling to a drug addict student.
ii) The student was able to break down his drug addiction habit with the given support.
iii) The social behavior and academic performance of the student become markedly better.

Suggest the most logically-sequential order of events between the given premises.

a) no relationship exists between the given three premises
b) 1 and 2 are connected, 3 is unconnected
c) 3 follows due to 2 and 2 follows due to 1
d) 1 follows due to 3 and 2 follows due to 1

8. Mark the item that does not belong to the group

a) elephant
b) hen
c) dog
d) cat

9. Mark the item that does not belong to the group

a) yellow
b) brown
c) violet
d) indigo

10. Mark the item that does not belong to the group

a) charcoal
b) graphite
c) gold
d) diamond

The next post will appear on 17th September, 2008 with the answers of these questions and a new set of exciting questions. Till then, stay tuned. :o)