Monday, September 01, 2008

Alfred Binet (1857-1911), The Father of Reasoning Ability Test

The great French Psychologist, Alfred Binet (July 8, 1857 – October 18, 1911) was the first person to be honored for the development of early reasoning ability tests. In the year 1905, he published the first psychometric test for mental ability. At his initial days, Binet was devoted to find out the development of intellectual components among children. This is how his concept of the development of mental age took shape.

Today is the first day of this blog. We are really happy that you are here. Right now the blog is at its beta version. Please enjoy your stay here with the following 10 questions based on mental ability. The answers of these questions are not published with this post. Stay tuned till 4th September, 2008, when we will come back again with the answers of these questions and a complete new set of 10 reasoning ability questions. Enjoy.

Today's (1st September, 2008) Questions

1. Two trains are traveling at a speed of 200 km per hour. They start at the same time from opposite stations and have to cover a distance of 1000 km each to reach their destinations. If they both start at 10.00 AM, at what time will they cross each other?

a) 2.30 PM
b) 12.30 PM
c) 11.30 PM
d) 1.30 PM

2. Five boys are traveling by a train for an educational tour. After two stations, one of them, named John, gets down from the train to have a cup of tea. After five more stations all of them get down to take a stroll on the platform. Later, after three more stations, another boy, Dick, gets down to fill up his water bottle. Lastly, after passing seven more stations all of them get down from the train having completed their journey. Can you tell how many stations did the train pass through including the starting and completion of their journey?

a) 21
b) 17
c) 20
d) 18

3. A long rope has to be cut to make 23 small pieces. If it is double folded to start with how many times does it need to be cut?

a) 9
b) 23
c) 11
d) 12

4. Two runners, A and B, running around a circular track, complete one round each in7 and 14 minutes, respectively. They take a simultaneous start from the starting point. During the first 30 minutes how many times has A crossed B on the track?

a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

5. A and B simultaneous start for running round a circular track- A running in a clockwise direction and B running in anticlockwise. A completes one round in 7 minutes and 13 in 14 minutes. In 30 minutes of running, how many times A and B cross each other?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 8
d) 6

6. Pablo has a son named Aaron. Rafi is Pablo brother. Naara too has a daughter named Rachael. Naara is Rafi’s sister. What is Aaron’s relation to Rachael?

a) Uncle
b) Brother-in-low
c) Cousin
d) No relationship

7. John divided his property among his three sons- Tom, Dick and Harry. Harry’s son Mathews had some dispute with Dick’s son. Mathews’ son Ivan helped in solving the dispute later. State what is the relationship between Ivan and John?

a) Son
b) Grandson
c) Great-grandson
d) No relationship

8. Raina’s height is 5’2”. Aaliyah is taller than Raina but she is not taller than Pam. Pam is shorter than her cousin Rafi but she is not shorter then Raina? Who is the tallest in the group?

a) Aaliyah
b) Rafi
c) Pam
d) Raina

9. A boy walks 3 km towards north-east, then 4 km south-east. How far is he from the starting point?

a) 4 km
b) 5 km
c) 6 km
d) 7 km

10. B is 10 km north-east of A and 10 km south-east of C. How far is C from A?

a) 8 km
b) 10 km
c) 12 km
d) 10/2 km

Now why don't you use the comment box and post your answers and then come back again on 4th September, 2008 to check out how many of them are correct, huh? Have fun, buddy!