Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mill (1806 – 1873) Had a Strong Influence over Binet's Work on Human Intelligence

When the Great French Psychologist, Alfred Binet (1857 – 1911) received his degree in law in the year 1878, he started studying science at Sorbonne. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was not somehow happy with his formal schooling system and started studying psychology of his own. Within a little time span, he became absorbed with the theories proposed by John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873). Mill postulated that the function of human intelligence can be explained with the help of law of associationism. Binet soon understood the drawbacks of the theories proposed by Mill, but throughout his journey Mill had left a great influence all over.

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Well, now this is the time to talk about the answer of the previous entry. Here we go:
1. (b) 12:30PM; 2. (a) 21; 3. (c) 11; 4. (c) 2; 5. (d) 6; 6. (b) Brother-in-law; 7. (c) Great-grandson; 8. (b) Rafi; (9) (b) 5km; 10. (d) 10/2km

Now, hold your breath and ready for today's set of questions. Here we go.

Today's (4th September, 2008) Questions

1. B is 9 m east of A and 15/2 m north-east of C which is 5 m west of D. what is the direction of D from A?

a) S-W
b) S-E
c) W
d) S

2. A goes 4 km south then 8 km west then 6 km north then 8 km east and then 2 km south. How far is A from the starting point?

a) 2 km
b) 1 km
c) 0 km

d) 3 km

3. A boy started walking from a point towards north. He turned right at right angles. In what direction is he ultimately walking?

a) north

b) south

c) east
d) west

4. A man starts walking towards south. After walking 10 m he turns left at right angles. Then after 15 m, he again turns left at right-angles. In what direction is he finally walking?

a) north
b) south

c) east

d) west

5. A man started walking from a point towards south-west. After 5 m he turns right at right-angles. After 10 m he again turns right at right-angles. In what direction is he finally walking?

a) N-E
b) S-W
c) S-E
d) N-W

6. A river flows west to east and on the way turns left and goes in a semicircle round a hillock, and then turns left at right-angles. In what direction is the finally flowing?

a) north
b) south

c) east

d) west

7. A boy goes west 100 m from a starting point, then 50 m to his right at right-angles, then 100 m to his left at right-angles and then again 50 m to his left at right-angles. How far is he from the starting point?

a) 300 m
b) 250 m

c) 200 m

d) 150 m

8. A clock seen thro
ugh a mirror, shows quarter past three. What is the correct time shown by the clock?

a) 03.15

b) 08.45
c) 09.15

d) 09.45

9. A clock seen through a mirror shows 8 o’ clock. What is the correct time

a) 8.00
b) 4.00
c) 12.20

d) 12.40

10. Tony was not at school on Saturday last. He was first absent for four days before that. Today is Monday, the 31st of October. When was Tony first absent? Give the day and date.

a) Monday, Oct. 24
b) Tuesday, Oct. 25
c) Wednesday, Oct. 26
d) Thursday, Oct. 27

Again we will come back on 7th September, 2008 with the answers of these questions. Please keep visiting and feel free to use the comment box below to post your answers. We really like your presence here in our blog. Thank you.